Thornbury & District Skittles League

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Section 1: Formation and Management


1. That the League be called “The Thornbury & District Skittles League”.

2. That the League shall consist of 5 divisions with 16 teams in each division.  Division 1 & 2 shall play their games on a front-pin first basis and all other divisions shall play all-in.

3. That there shall be 3 teams promoted and 3 teams relegated from each division.  In the event of team or teams resigning from the league, then the committee have the right to adjust the divisions accordingly.

4. That the officers of the league consist of a President, Chairperson, Vice Chairperson, General Secretary, Treasurer, Fixture Secretary, Pairs Secretary and a committee of 8, all of whom must be registered member of the league.  Committee members may be voted into office en bloc.

5. That each team will pay an annual fee of £45-00 to be paid at a pre-season meeting.  This includes all Match and Cup fees, excluding Pairs Competition. The fund to be administered by the Management Committee.

6.  All League teams to pay monies due to the league by Cheque, with the name of the Team and Division written on the back of the Cheque.  No cash will be accepted.

7. That all monies due to the league be paid to the Treasurer who will keep records thereof.

8. The General Secretary keep full records of all business conducted by the League Management Committee.

9. That all disputes affecting any teams or registered members shall be submitted in writing or by email for consideration by the League Management Committee, whose decision shall be final.  A personal hearing is available if requested.

10. That the League Management Committee may out of league funds, provide any cups, trophies or prizes, to be awarded to the winners of the League Championship and such tournaments and competitions that may occur.  All such cups and trophies shall be held by the winners for one league season and be returned to the league at a venue and date to be decided by the committee.  

Winners of all cups and trophies are totally responsible for any loss or damage.

11. All meetings unless otherwise arranged, will be held at League Headquarters. (Blackhorse Thornbury)

12. That the Annual General Meeting shall be held on a date at the League Committee’s discretion.

Section 2: Registration and Conditions of Play

13. That every Team Secretary or appointed ‘delegate’ shall represent their team at all other League meetings. For non-attendance or non-representation a £5 fine will be imposed.

14. That each skittles team wishing to be a member of the League, shall give notice in writing to the Fixture Secretary (forms will be provided).  These forms MUST be in the Fixture Secretary’s hands by the 30th April or a £5 fine will be imposed on those teams that have to be reminded.  Teams who do not return the Registration Forms by this date may be replaced by new teams where applicable, at the Management Committee’s discretion. Teams will have the right to appeal.

15. The gender, forename and surnames of all team members must be registered on the League’s website. If possible, Telephone and email address details, where applicable, should also be recorded for each player. Each team playing in the Thornbury & District Skittles League must keep their player database records on the website up to date at all times.

16. A new player may be registered on the Master Registration Sheet 24 hours before a game commences and the Fixture Secretary notified.  Final date for Registration is 28 February,.  In exceptional circumstances the Management Committee may exercise discretion.

17.  No player(s) already registered for a team in this League shall be allowed to compete for any other team also playing in this League unless he/she shall have been transferred to that team. A player may be transferred before February 28th in any season by one team to another but 7 days notice must be given in writing or by e-mail to the Fixture Secretary before such transfer can be accepted and the player able to play for the other team.

18.  No alteration to the Fixture List shall be allowed except

(a)   A fixture having been scheduled over a Bank Holiday date


(b)   By mutual agreement by both teams to re-schedule a game in compliance with

Any Team cancelling must notify the other team and fixture secretary at least 48 hours before the match is due to be played.  A postponed game must be played within 28 days of the original fixture except games postponed in the last month of the season where games must be played by the close of the season, games can be played before original date.

Details of all re-arranged games must be advised to the Fixture Secretary of the League by both teams within fourteen days of the date the game was originally scheduled.

Failure to do so will result in a £10 fine

19. (a) Any team that postpones 6 or more league fixtures during the playing season will be deducted 2 points from their total and a £15 fine imposed.

20. All games are to be played.  If a team has repeatedly tried to re-arrange a game and the opposing team will not agree a new date, providing the fixtures secretary has been kept informed, then the team trying to re-arrange will not get fined.  Any games not completed by the end of the Season will result in a £10 fine for each team.

21. Any team failing to turn up for a game unless inclement weather conditions i.e. Snow – Floods Etc. shall forfeit the game and have 2 points deducted and a fine of £20 imposed, which will cover a fine and sticker up fees.  2 points will be awarded to the opposition.

22. Games should be played between teams of no more than six players per team playing 6 hands of 3 balls.  2 points will be awarded for a win and 1 point for a draw.

23. All games must commence at 8.30pm unless by prior arrangement.  Games not in progress by 9.00 pm will be referred to Management Committee.  Defaulting team to be fined £5. 

24. That the Home Team is responsible for sticker-up fees in all League matches and sticker-up fees to be shared by Home and Away teams in all Cup Competitions.  

25. No player taking part in a game shall be allowed to practice on the alley prior to the game starting. If due to fixture congestion it is necessary to play more than one game on the same night, this must be by mutual agreement of the captains of all teams concerned.  This agreement must be obtained prior to the night of the match. Any team found to be doing this, must be reported to the Fixtures Secretary immediately.

26. Any Player(s) arriving late on the alley after the last pair has started shall not take any part in the game.

27. That both teams to play with the balls supplied by the home team.  Only three balls to be in the chute at anyone time.  The balls being of Laminate or Composite material or of Wooden Variety. 

No other type of ball will be permitted.

28. Players must have both feet behind the line furthest from the pins at the time the ball is delivered, the ball MUST be rolled I.e. no upward motion from the hand.  Where two lines exist, the ball MUST hit the alley before the second line, where only one line exists the ball must land within approximately 8ft of the throwing line.

29. Any team playing an ineligible player, the score will be deducted from the score entered on the website and a £5 fine imposed.

30. Any pin knocked through the horizontal plane by ball or another pin, during a match and the rights itself on the diamond, the pin is deemed to be dead and must be taken from the diamond. 

(a)   Any pin knocked down by another pin rebounding off the side of the alley shall be deemed as scored.

(b) If a ball rebounds off the side of the alley after first striking a pin in the frame and knocks down pins, the pins shall be deemed as scored.

(c) If a pin is knocked down by a ball or another pin rebounding off the rear wall of the alley, the pins shall be deemed as not scored and shall be replace in its original position on the diamond.

31. Either team can post the result on the Website this must be done within 48 hours of the completion of the game. Failure to comply will result in a £10 fine for both teams .

32. No team shall be permitted to change alley during the playing season unless there are exceptional circumstances.  The Management Committee (Fixtures  Secretary) must be informed of the change in writing or by email immediately. Failure to comply will result in a £5 fine.

 It will be the responsibility of the team to notify all teams within their division.

(a)  Any team having to change their night of play or Telephone Number must inform the Fixtures Secretary immediately in writing or by email.

33. Any team resigning from the League during the playing season, for whatever reason, then the record off that team will be expunged.

34. Any team not completing their full fixture programme due to their cancelling a match or matches shall be fined £10 for each match not played unless otherwise agreed by the Management Committee.

35. Should two or more teams finish the season tied on points at the top or bottom of the division, the points gained between the teams concerned in home and away fixtures will decide the placing. If still equal the season pin difference will decide the placing.

36. All fines shall be issued to teams on a monthly basis.  Fines must be paid within 21 days of the date of issue or a further fine will be imposed.  

37. Failing to pay fines on time £10

38. Any team or individual not represented at the Annual Presentation to collect awards will forfeit the money and the full cash sum will be credited to the League Fund.

39. That the foregoing rules may be altered, amended, deleted or added to by a vote of a Special General Meeting called for that purpose, or at the Annual General Meeting, voting to be on the basis of one vote per team.  Any proposed alteration to these rules shall be in the hands of the General Secretary at least 14 days before such meetings.

The Management Committee will enforce rules and the decision in any matter not covered by these rules to be binding.


(With the exception of Rule 2, this set of rules applies to all

1. Teams from all five divisions will play in the Front-Pin-First and All-In Cup Competitions, unless notified to be Fixture Secretary.

2. All matches to be drawn and all byes to be made in the preliminary round.  The first named team will be the home team.  In the event of the match being tied the result shall be decided on the same night by the same six players from each team that played that night having a further 3 balls each.  If after the play-off the scores are still tied, then the same six players shall have a further 3 balls each until a result is achieved.  (No postponements will be allowed).

3. That the Front-pin must be knocked down before any score can count and if any other pin is hit first and the Front-pin falls, then only the Front pin must be reset.  If any player should strike a pin or pins other than the Front-pin and then afterwards clear the frame by striking the Front-pin, this making a spare, then the pins knocked down by the second ball to be reset, after making any spare any pins knocked down shall count.

 (N.B. This Rule also applies to Division 1 & 2).  

4. That an umpire be appointed for the Semi-final and Final Night by the Committee and take any position on the alley he or she may deem necessary.   Each player will pay £1 sticker-up fees to the Umpire in charge.    

5. Semi-Final and Final matches to be played at the Black Horse Thornbury, using balls and pins supplied by the league.

6. Notice of at least 7 days is required of an inability to produce a full team for Finals Night of a Cup Competition to allow the previous losing team to be reinstated to the competition.  Any team that fails to give this notice and not provide a full team will incur a £30 fine.

7. The Winning team to be responsible for reporting the result to the Fixtures Secretary within 48 hours of the completion of the game. Failure to comply will result in a £10 fine.

8. The above rule can be changed in accordance with Rule 39.


1. That all players entering the competition shall be registered with the League.

2. Each pair to pay a £2.50 Entry Fee payable with their Entry Form.

3. That Umpires be appointed for the whole of the competition.

4. The draw to be made with at least three League Committee Members present and all Team Secretaries to be subsequently then notified of the dates and venues of matches.

5. All players to be on the alley 5 minutes before the time appointed by the Pairs Secretary.

6. All players must report to the Umpire immediately they arrive on the alley.

7. Any player(s) not appearing on the decided date and time shall forfeit the match. Any pair defaulting on the night shall be fined £5 per pair through their team. The pair affected by the default must be in attendance on the night of play.

8. Substitute(s) will be allowed up to the first match. The Umpire in charge of the Competition shall be notified upon arrival.

9. In the event of a tie, one up extra will be played by each pair until a result is decided.

10. The above rule can be changed in accordance with League Rule 39.